“This isn’t really a spoiler, but...” is one of the worst thing to come out of someone's mouth. We live in a world where most of our time is spent on the Internet, browsing the web and social networks like Twitter and Facebook, and it's incredibly easy to accidentally read a spoiler when all you were trying to do was look at pictures of your best friend's new puppy. Besides running out of toiler paper, it's the most irritating thing in the world.

So, College Humor as teamed up with some of today's popular TV actors, including Julie Benz ('Dexter'), Nelsan Ellis ('True Blood'), Andre Royo ('The Wire'), Michael Trucco ('Battlestar Galactica'), Sarah Wayne Callies ('The Walking Dead'), and Maso Oka ('Heroes') to teach us, the incompetent viewers, how to be spoiler polite. Some of these rules should actually be applied, like not discussing spoilers for an episode until two weeks after it's aired, while others fill in as comic relief, like forbidding anyone to ever talk about an episode in Pig Latin, gibberish, or French. This is pure greatness.

Also, the last scene in this video is really cute.