With the recent cancellation of 'Community,' there was hope that Netflix might swoop in and grant the show a sixth season, fulfilling a long running joke about the series. It turns out that it might be Hulu that picks up the show for an additional year at Greendale.

That's the word from Deadline, who note that the talks are in the preliminary stages though both sides are open to the idea. We have somewhat mixed feelings about this: Of the original Greendale Seven, Chevy Chase quit the show during its fourth season, while Donald Glover left partway through the fifth. Recently  signed on for the fourth season of ',' and though that doesn't necessarily mean she can't do both, if the series loses any more of its core group, it would either be a shadow of its former self, or have to completely reinvent itself (but if that led to more episodes about Koogler, well, we're on board).

Series creator Dan Harmon has said that he's open to doing more (he posted on his blog "I’m not going to be the guy that re-cancels cancelled 'Community'.") though he's previously expressed some reservations about returning. That may be because he's helped write three season finales that were also meant to double as series finales. It seems like the main motivation for the sixth season (besides fulfilling a hashtag) would be to get the series over a hundred episodes, which is considered more syndication friendly than the show's current 97 episodes. Hopefully we'll know 'Community''s ultimate fate shortly, as this seems like the last hope.

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