Who doesn't love the 'X-Men' around here? We know that we surely do. And in honor of San Diego Comic-Con kicking off, we figured we'd showcase one of the most iconic characters in comic book history: Jean Grey as the Dark Phoenix.

The Dark Phoenix Saga featured everyone's favorite telepath with telekinetic powers, Jean Grey, undergoing quite a few radical changes. She gets taken over by the Phoenix entity, a being of immense cosmic power, fueled by great passion and emotion. This effectively augments her and gives her god-like powers. Oh, and it gives her a snazzy red and gold outfit too.

Here is French cosplayer, Ainlina, as the fiery Dark Phoenix herself. Not only does she look sleek and every bit as powerful as the Phoenix, but the materials she used look pretty fire-proof too, which would be an excellent touch, given the nature of the Phoenix. Couple her costume with a few sultry looks, and you've got one badass villain cosplay.

Take a gander at more of her work on deviantART. It's cool to see her go from an intense costume like this to a fun outfit based on My Little Pony's party-loving Pinkie Pie!

Cool ADN
Cool ADN

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