You know who doesn't get enough love? Storm from 'X-Men' -- which is why we're glad this cosplayer went and got all classic to imitate this electrifying superheroine.

Maybe Storm doesn't get enough love because of the 'X-Men' movies, which gave us diminishing returns and a sort of flat Halle Berry, who looked the part but couldn't quite pull off the attitude. But Storm is so cool! She can summon the weather and use it as both a weapon and a defense! She's the queen of Wakanda, you guys, which has to count for something.

Daniela from Boston, Mass. put together this pretty authentic and very classic Storm costume using her mad sewing skills. But Daniela is talented with a lot of other stuff, too! She went to school and got a BFA in animation -- by day, Daniela animates, and by evening, she's cooking up some great cosplay ideas, sewing outfits and making props. Like Storm, Daniela appears to be quite the superheroine herself.

You can check out a couple of pics of Daniela as Storm below, or see more of her cosplay and artwork over at her DeviantArt page.

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