Daredevil’s famous red suit didn’t get much spotlight within the Marvel Netflix drama’s first season, something seemingly rectified by the front-and-center placement for Season 2. Not everyone has enjoyed the Man Without Fear’s full costumed look, however, to which Charlie Cox admits a few tweaks were made for Season 2, apart from what we’ve seen.

While the cracked mask prominent through advertising has more or less made clear that Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock will get a new headpiece, Cox acknowledged to IGN that the suit itself went through some less-advertised tweaks to aid in stuntwork:

The costume does go through some changes, which are weaved into the storyline. We only had one episode with the costume last year, and with something that is this complicated, and in terms of how people feel about it, it’s a delicate area.

There were some small tweaks that needed to be made, there were things that worked wonderfully well, and there were some things that didn’t work quite as well, just in terms of maneuverability and comfort. And aesthetically as well, there were some changes that they wanted to make, though you couldn’t have foreseen until you actually put it on, and put it on camera.

Cox even delved into some specifics of the upgrades, courtesy of Matt Gerald’s Melvin Potter:

Early on in the second season, there’s an opportunity for Matt to go to Melvin Potter again, and Melvin makes some changes and reinforces the helmet and uses a different material [to make it]. The result of that is there’s a slightly different look.

There is more of a combat-y feel to it, that is more reminiscent of the cargo pants in the first series. So the lower portion of the suit is slightly baggier, and we go back to the old combat boots as well, which make it easier for me and Chris [Brewster], my stunt double, to jump and kick and do all the things you need to do as Daredevil.

Either season’s suit is definitely a far cry from some of the initial concept art, but time will tell if Marvel’s Netflix Daredevil makes any additional tweaks toward the end of Season 2, or perhaps for The Defenders, or even a third season.

In the meantime, all episodes of Daredevil Season 2 will be available to stream tomorrow, March 18.

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