Some of the best comedy is the kind that is very specific. Some of the silliest comedy involves men dressed up as little old ladies. 'Weather From' combines both, as actor David Krumholtz delivers the weather (kind of?) as a very talkative old Jewish woman via a new series of videos.

If you head over to, you can check your local weather or a random weather report via the site, which definitely looks like your grandmother's wall decor. But the video "weather reports" are merely the ramblings of Krumholtz's elderly Jewish woman character named Gigi, who goes on and on about how much harder her life was as a young girl, gives very confusing advice, and complains about her arthritis, among other things. She's also easily distracted and goes off on little tangents, and if you've ever met an old woman -- especially an older Jewish woman -- you totally know the type.

It's a delightful series of videos, created with the help of Krumholtz's funny friends, who have worked on projects like 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno,' 'Goon' and the 'Bad Grandpa' makeup. The site also promises to deliver more characters in the future from some familiar faces -- so keep your eyes out for some the new characters soon.