More than just the teamup of Marvel’s four (five?) Netflix superheroes, The Defenders will represent a coming-together of all the major casts from those worlds. As such, you can definitely expect one of Daredevil’s biggest supporting players to put in an appearance, and Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson might not be too thrilled about it.

Take this with a tiny grain of salt for the moment, but MCU Exchange confirmed a tumblr report that Elden Henson acknowledged Foggy Nelson’s return for The Defenders mini-series, albeit without specifying the size of his role. Neither report identifies exactly which convention this was stated at, but given Foggy’s last appearance accepting a position at Jessica Jones character Jeryn Hogarth’s law firm, and Netflix boss Ted Sarandos stating recently that “the whole cast is called on for The Defenders,” Foggy’s presence was always likely.

Which … no, probably isn’t great news for Marvel icon Samuel L. Jackson, who previously stated of Daredevil:

Sorry, Sam. Elsewhere of The Defenders, we know that Daredevil showrunners Doug Petrie and Marcos Siega will showrun the team-up miniseries, with filming expected to begin later this year. As evidenced by the first teaser, fellow Daredevil characters Stick and The Hand will likely play major parts, but no word yet on Jon Bernthal’s Punisher, given his own spinoff series.

Elden Henson isn’t the first supporting player to confirm a Defenders presence, but will the eight-episode series have room for so many minor characters? What might Foggy think of Matt’s new friends?

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