In addition to the 'Breaking Bad' series finale, 'Homeland' season 3 premiere, and the absurd amount of television dominating our Sunday nights, HBO's 'Eastbound & Down' will trot out its fourth and final season premiere this Sunday with Chapter 22, picking up with Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) in a vastly different state than we're used to. HBO has released the first two clips of the season, but what will it take for Kenny F---in' Powers to get his fire back?

The first look at 'Eastbound & Down''s new season sees the former baseball star having difficulty adjusting to an incognito life working as a rental car salesman, particularly given that people still recognize him from his more famous days. The second clip introduces season 4 guest star Ken Marino ('Party Down'), as the VIP lifestyle starts to tempt Kenny back to his former "Flama Blanca" ways.

In addition to Lindsay Lohan‘s mysterious finale guest spot and Marino’s season-long role, ‘Django Unchained‘ and FOX’s ‘Rake‘ star Omar Dorsey has joined the cast for a recurring role in season 4. Tim Heidecker of ‘Tim & Eric’ fame also joined as Gene, a “vanilla” guy in Kenny’s neighborhood who has nothing in common with Kenny and lacks a basic sense of humor. Kenny’s HBO return will also set up the debut of Stephen Merchant’s new HBO comedy, ‘Hello Ladies,’ on the same night.

You're f---in' out of luck if you don't catch Kenny Powers' big return this Sunday, so check out the latest clips of 'Eastbound & Down' season 4!

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