Flash fans aren’t yet certain how much of last week’s “Flashpoint” premiere will come to bear on Season 3, though few would argue that Todd Lasance’s “The Rival” raised more questions than answers. Others took issue with the latest Flash speedster’s subpar design, for which new concept art reveals the character almost had a more terrifying, familiar look.

You’re warned of light Flash Season 2 and 3 spoilers from here on out, but fans certainly noted that Spartacus star Lasance’s mysterious “Rival” seemed consistent with early set photos of a leather suit with unusual facial features, including an extended nose and protruding ears. Long before producers identified the character as Jay Garrick villain “The Rival,” many thought perhaps the figure might be influenced by New 52 speedster “Black Racer.”

In any case, the original concept design from artist Andy Poon and Maya Mani showcased a much different Rival, though one whose eyes and closed mouth perhaps bore too much resemblance to Season 2's Zoom (note the more prominent light-up lines as well):

For what it’s worth, Poon also revealed concept art of Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally West as Kid Flash, which looks closer to the final product:

It remains to be seen how much either design will resurface in The Flash Season 3, but stay tuned for this week’s “Paradox,” and feel free to leave your “Flashpoint” theories.

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