The Flash Season 3 already raised a multiverse of questions by its big “Flashpoint” twist, not the least of which was another speedster glimpsed on set against Wally West. Most presumed that actor Todd Lasance was behind the “Savitar” role teased as our new big bad, but fresh footage and intel clarifies Barry’s new “Rival.”

See if you can keep up (heh), but where a black-clad speedster first appeared on set weeks ago (unmasked as Spartacus star Todd Lasance), many and all presumed the “Savitar” role announced at TCA to be the figure we’d seen. The Hollywood Reporter even confirmed as much earlier today, before executive producer Greg Berlanti distinctly shut down the speculation.

Now, TVLine offer that Lasance will in fact play “The Rival,” an evil speedster usually associated with (the original) Jay Garrick, who himself can be seen guiding Barry in the newest footage below. We may also be looking at worshipers of the actual Savitar, who himself has been described as a “speed god” leading a cult.

We’ll have more on Season 3 of The Flash soon, but take a look at the footage below, and stay tuned for the October 4 premiere!

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