FOX’s ‘Gotham’ keeps right on stumbling through its first season, and while Batman won’t strike terror into anyone’s hearts for at least a decade, the prequel drama has recruited one of its biggest ‘Heroes’ yet. Milo Ventimiglia will drop by ‘Gotham’ for a multi-episode arc as a major serial killer, cryptically-titled “The Ogre.” Yeah. That’s right. “The Ogre.”

The erstwhile Peter Petrelli (whom so far as we know, won’t be among the ‘Heroes Reborn’) will pop up in ‘Gotham’’s 19th episode as the handsome, wealthy and seductive Jason Lennon, a serial killer who has preyed on the city’s young women for nearly a decade, charming each into a trap and confronting them with a series of “tests” in search of his perfect mate.

As you can guess, the so-called Ogre “quickly and viciously” disposes of those who fail to live up to standards, and probably wasn’t too crazy about that “#LikeAGirl” commercial, either. Gordon’s determination to capture the killer sends both men, as well as those around them (please mean Barbara, please mean Barbara) on a course toward tragedy (PLEASE MEAN BARBARA).

And while there is at least one “Ogre“ documented in DC comics, sources say Ventimiglia’s role will be an original creation. Additional DC characters welcomed in the coming ‘Gotham’ weeks will include ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ star Colm Feore as an incarnation of DC’s Dollmaker, “Scarecrow” Gerald (and his son Jonathan) Crane, the villainous Red Hood gang, Dick Grayson’s parents, and of course, an inevitable Joker setup.

‘Gotham’ will officially introduce us to “The Scarecrow” next Monday, but what say you? Does Milo Ventimiglia offer any hope for FOX’s ‘Gotham?’

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