FOX’s ‘Gotham’ spends most of its time setting up major DC villains, rather than feature them outright, but at least one of Batman’s future baddies will come out of the box to play. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ and ‘Thor’ star Colm Feore will stop by Batman’s beginnings as the villainous Dollmaker, but could the character have any connection to the ‘Arrow’ villain of the same name?

Per Deadline, the character will appear in ‘Gotham’'s 17th episode, described as having a zealotry bordering on madness, aided by his genius-level intellect and vast medical expertise. And while “Dollmaker” as an alias has belonged to several individuals throughout DC comics, Feore’s version will arrive as mad European scientist “Dr. Dulmacher,” independent of the Barton Mathis comic character featured on ‘Arrow’ last season, portrayed by Michael Eklund.

Concidentally however, Eklund will appear in tonight’s ‘Gotham’ installment “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon,” in a separately villainous role. Additional DC characters welcomed in the coming ‘Gotham’ weeks will include the villainous Red Hood gang, “The Fearsome Dr. Crane,” as well as Dick Grayson’s parents. We know. Contain your excitement.

We’ll have a full review of ‘Gotham’'s latest “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” later tonight, but in the meantime, what say you? Are you excited to meet Colm Feore’s Dollmaker (first mentioned in episode 2) later on this season?

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