Season 6 more than ever stirred conversation on Game of Thrones’ rampant violence, against women especially, and a number of surprising voices have chimed in either way. Now, HBO star (and GoT showrunner David Benioff’s wife) Amanda Peet has come to the fantasy-drama’s defense, calling the outrage “really misplaced.”

Speaking to The Wrap of her own HBO presence on the Duplass brothersTogetherness, Peet gave her own take on all the Game of Thrones backlash of late, echoing George R.R. Martin’s own assertion that the violence reflects historical truths:

I think it’s really misplaced. [Dan and David] write some of the greatest female characters that are on television. It’s a misogynist world, this world that George R. R. Martin created, but we have to experience it without thinking that people are condoning this.

Furthermore, Peet praised that the women of Game of Thrones drive the story, even through their unfortunate fates:

It’s much more insidious to have middling, ancillary female roles where the women are not part of the plot — where they don’t advance anything. Wife roles, girlfriend roles, there are very few of those in ‘Game of Thrones.’ If someone takes their clothes off and it’s a massive part of the plot? So be it.

That said, Peet had her own grievance with some of Benioff’s showrunning, particularly that maybe-kinda-sorta-confirmed death from the Season 5 finale: “I was furious. He was already in Belfast, he’s back to work now on the next season, but I texted him and said, ‘I’m single now.’”

Does Peet have a point about Game of Thrones character values outweighing the horrible acts inflicted on them? Will this be the most uncomfortable Comic-Con ever? Oh, Season 6 seems so far away.

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