It seems almost silly to discuss Sunday’s Game of Thrones without pointing toward the inevitable obvious, that the character everyone thought would come back to lifecame back to life. Viewers perhaps weren’t expecting the twist quite so soon, but now it seems the erstwhile corpse of Jon Snow may put in more time with Season 6 than any prior year.

Blah-blah, Jon Snow spoilers and all that from here on out, but apart from the fallen Lord Commander’s expected resurrection with last night’s “Home,” questions still remains as to what state we’ll find Kit Harington’s long-suffering bastard in after such a traumatic ordeal, and how his renewed vitality plays into the season. Plenty of advance reports have suggested Jon will take action toward the end of the season, but Entertainment Weekly reports that for all Harington’s claims of a light workload this year, the actor spent more time on set than any other actor. Says Harington:

It’s a massive season for Jon. It’s his biggest season for him so far.

One could easily construe Harington’s words as hyperbole, but at least two significant stories of Season 6 have now set their sights on greeting Jon Snow at Castle Black, with more than enough photographic evidence here and there to start linking them. Not to mention, Jon Snow (or Stark? Targaryen?)’s likely participation in the season’s climactic battle would put Harington on set for the series’ most involved shoot to date, upping the actor’s time significantly.

We’ll see for ourselves in the coming weeks, and learn more as everyone and their mother apologizes for deceiving fans, but how might Game of Thrones’ big Jon Snow twist change the realm for Season 6? What other undead shenanigans should we expect for Harington?

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