Going on three seasons now, Game of Thrones fans have anxiously awaited signs of another major resurrection that Season 6 seems to have dispelled, that of the infamous Lady Stoneheart. Sunday’s “No One” in particular seemed to snuff out the last bits of hope, but according to director Mark Mylod, the fan-favorite figure has never garnered so much as a moment of discussion.

You’re warned of full Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers from here on out, but it’d seem an understatement to suggest that 2016 episodes have paved the way for a zombified and vengeful Catelyn Stark, between myriad resurrections, returns, and discussion of Riverlands characters paramount to Lady Stoneheart’s book reveal. One star even went so far as to film his own version of the character’s introduction, though director Mark Mylod describes Lady Stoneheart to IGN as the furthest character from any real consideration:

You know, [fan discussion doesn't factor in] – certainly not with me. I’m not in the writers room, and I can honestly say, hand over heart, that I have not had one discussion about Lady Stoneheart. So I have no idea what’s going on in David and Dan’s minds. We tend to speak – there’s an old adage about “Play the moment, not the future,” and because I’m such a massive fan myself, I’ll often get carried away talking or discussing future beats for the characters and then have to pull myself back because of course, in terms of actually playing the reality of the moment, these characters cannot see the future. […]

And I don’t mean that as a dodge in this case. I’ve genuinely had no discussions about Lady Stoneheart, so I genuinely couldn’t comment about whether that might or might not be in their minds for the future.

It would seem a little late in the came to suddenly re-introduce the corpse of Catelyn Stark, if indeed the final 13 or so episodes intend to pivot toward threats from the White Walkers, but will fans ever lay Lady Stoneheart to rest? Why lean Season 6 so far in that direction if only to dissuade the notion for good?

While we wait, take a look at Sunday’s “Battle of the Bastards” trailer below, and stay tuned fore more on the final two Game of Thrones Season 6 hours.

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