'Girls' season 2 won't begin airing until January of 2013, but given its long production schedule we've been able to observe it filming since as far back as May.  And while our last peek at the set told us that 'Community' star Donald Glover might appear, the latest look reveals Tom Hanks' wife herself, Rita Wilson!  But who will the actress portray, and might Hanks himself make an appearance?

Thanks to Hollywood.com, we've learned that Rita Wilson will provide the next big marquee for the second season of HBO's 'Girls,' in an episode to be directed by series creator and star Lena Dunham.  According to the set photos leaked, Wilson will take the role of Marnie (Allison Williams)' mother, who comes to town for an undetermined amount of time.

Interestingly, Williams is the second 'Girls' parent with a fairly direct line to Tom Hanks, as former 'Bosom Buddies' star Peter Scolari plays lead character Hannah Horvath (Dunham)'s father Tad.  Could the big man himself be next?  We could certainly see him being related to Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet).

In addition to Wilson and Donald Glover, the second season of the Judd Apatow-produced 'Girls' will feature Patrick Wilson as a dreamy doc love interest of Hannah's, as well as Shiri Appleby as a new romantic foil for Adam (Adam Driver).  The season will premiere in January 2013.

What say you?  Will 'Girls' season 2 end up overshadowed by its stars?  Check out the picture of Wilson and Williams on set below, and tell us what you think in the comments!