Recently, news broke that 'Girls' lost one of its main boys -- series star Charlie Abbott was reported to leave the series over creative differences, despite the fact that season 2 finale "Together" set up an important role for the character next season. Now, the difference seems to have evened out, as 'Girls' season 3 adds an older boy to its ranks, that of recent 'Doctor Who' star Richard E. Grant. Find out the mystery man's identity for the 'Girls' season 3 premiere inside!

'Girls' season 3 may be something of a blank canvas to us at this point, made blanker by Abbott's departure, but small aspects of the 2014 premiere are beginning to take shape. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that UK actor and recent 'Doctor Who' Christmas special guest star Richard E. Grant will take a role in the season 3 premiere of the Globe-winning HBO dramedy, as that of "Jasper."

One might presume that Grant's UK heritage would give him some connection to Jemima Kirke's Jessa, last seen abandoning Hannah at her father's house for further travels in the events of season 2 episode "Video Games." In reality, Kirke departed for the final months of her pregnancy, allowing her character's full-time return in season 3.

Elsewhere, little is known of the third season of ‘Girls,’ other than its 2014 airdate, expansion to 12 episodes, and recent casting calls that suggested a character would somehow end up in rehab. ‘The New Normal‘ and occasional ‘Girls’ star Andrew Rannells also expected he’d return for the Globe-winner‘s third season.

Well, what say you? Are you looking forward to the season 3 premiere of 'Girls'? Who do you think Richard E. Grant might play?

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