HBO and Lena Dunham’s Girls has never committed to any particularly enduring premise, nor have recent seasons stirred as much controversy, and the series itself may apparently wrap up altogether before long. According to Dunham, the sixth season in 2017 will likely bring an end to Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna’s youthful exploits, and Girls overall.

Ahead of Season 5’s January premiere, creator and star Dunham called into Elvis Duran and the Morning Show for a variety of topics, among them a potential end to Girls after six seasons. For now, HBO has only renewed the series through Season 5, though Dunham says:

Never say never, but that is the way that we’re thinking about it right now and we’re starting to think about sort of how to wrap up the storylines of these particular young women. I started working on this show when I was 23, and now I’m going to be 30 so it kind of feels right that this show kind of sandwiched my 20s and then I go off into the world!

Thus far, relatively little is known of Girls’ fifth season, though Hannah, Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna are expected to pick up with the scant Season 4 timejump that saw Hannah turning down Adam’s renewed interest, and continuing a relationship with Jake Lacy’s teacher character Fran. Elementary star Lucy Liu has also been seen on set playing a version of herself, acting opposite Adam Driver’s character.

Persuading Dunham past a sixth season isn’t out of the question for HBO, particularly after padding Game of Thrones another season, but does six and done sound right for Girls? How best should the story wrap-up, in 2017?