Microsoft hasn't had very much to offer on the proposed live-action 'Halo' TV series executive produced by Steven Spielberg, only that it would likely debut in fall 2015 to complement the released of the gaming' series fifth installment 'Guardians.' Now, we have at least some idea how the two properties might interact, and whose story the 'Halo' TV series might tell.

343 Industries head Bonnie Ross recently offered a few new 'Guardians' details to Eurogamer, clarifying the name of the new "Mirror Chief" figure as "Agent Locke," adding that Ridley Scott's forthcoming digital series would tell the character's origin story in time for the game's release. The 'Halo' franchise as a whole will remain Master Chief's story, though we've at least learned that Spielberg's TV series will take place alongside the events of 'Halo 5: Guardians.'

Said Ross of the various projects' connectivity:

Halo 5 is a lot about [Master Chief's] future, but as you'll see through all of the linear pieces we've woven through, his past is key to his future.

We previously heard that Showtime was nearing a deal with Microsoft that would see episodes of the series airing on the premium cable network first before moving to Xbox. Microsoft was also said to be close to a deal with a pair of showrunners for the series, following an expansive bible developed by screenwriter Stuart Beattie, though the deal is not envisioned as a straight-to-series pickup.

What do you think? Apart from the relatively little progress made on the series thus far, would you be happy to see Spielberg's 'Halo' adaptation tying into the new game's story? Who should don the armor in the leading role?

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