The 2014 Sony Pictures hack taught us that infodumps can stretch on for months at a time, and the recent HBO breach was said to be several times larger. Following the initial leak of Game of Thrones script pages and several comedy episodes, it now seems the next batch of stolen material will emerge this weekend.

Variety obtained an email from the hackers purporting to be responsible for the HBO theft, which was said to be 1.5 terabytes of data, but perhaps not employees' emails. The first batch included a script for Sunday Game of Thrones installment "The Spoils of War," along with Ballers and Room 104 episodes, while the group now claims the next batch will arrive "Sunday 12 GMT," and well that they'd "release the leak gradually every week."

The 1.5 terabyte claim has not been confirmed, though Variety notes that an HBO security contractor revealed in a filing that the hackers obtained “thousands of internal documents.” A contrasting report from The Washington Post also says U.S. intelligence officials believe the HBO hack is actually smaller than the Sony data breach, so it remains unclear when an official assessment of the leaks will take place.

Still no motive has been obtained for the hack, though information was said to be specifically targeted, as opposed to the recent Orange Is the New Black theft. We'll see if Sunday provides any context to what may be an ongoing headache for HBO.

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