It’s not all Doom and gloom for Marvel’s Hulu Runaways, but it’s getting there. The upcoming series has added a second star from the Fantastic Four movies to the MCU, as Julian McMahon joins Runaways in a mysterious role.

Per Variety, McMahon will take the role of “Jonah,” who gets the wonderfully vague description of “While his origins and ultimate intentions are unknown, he is a pivotal player in the main characters’ rebellion against their parents.” Nip/Tuck alum McMahon’s two-movie stint as Doctor Doom makes him the second major star of the Tim Story films to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, behind Chris EvansCaptain America (don’t expect them to cross paths, though).

In addition to Buffy breakout James Marsters, along with several 24 and Alias alum as their Pride-ful parents, Hulu’s Runaways features Rhenzy Feliz as Alex Wilder, Lyrica Okano as Nico Minoru, Virginia Gardner as Karolina Dean, Ariela Barer as Gert Yorkes, Gregg Sulkin as Chase Stein and Allegra Acosta as Molly Hernandez. Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage will helm the series overall.

We’ll have a closer look at the series before its November 21 premiere, so stay tuned for the latest on Marvel’s Runaways.

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