What do you do when you have a weapon that an evil almighty celestial being wants to take from you? Use it against him, of course. In Infinity War, Thanos is threatening to destroy everything the Avengers hold dear, but the only problem for him is that they already have the Infinity Stones he needs to build his world-annihilating super-weapon. And the one thing the Avengers are good at, besides fighting with each other, is fighting back against tall, scary aliens.

Two new TV spots introduce a little more of what’s at stake, and show that the Avengers are not about to be caught with their pants down when Thanos finally shows up. They have a powerful ally in Gamora, who, if you remember, is Thanos’ adopted daughter, and she knows what makes him tick.

The spot that Marvel Studios posted on Wednesday is especially great because we finally get to hear Teen Groot talk! Well, we get to hear Teen Groot sassing the rest of the Guardians, which is just as good. This movie would have every excuse to take a very dire, serious tone, what with half the universe being at stake and all, but some of that characteristic light MCU humor still finds a way to shine through.

What I’m really excited to see, which are not in these spots, is Thanos’ group of lieutenants: the Black Order, made up of a bunch of scary-looking aliens who are very good at wrecking stuff. We’ve seen a shot or two of them in previous trailers, but it’s possible that Marvel is probably saving some goodies for the actual movie itself.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters April 27.

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