'Iron Man 3' has released posters so far for Iron Man himself, War Machine, Aldrich Killian and today we get a good look at the film's villain The Mandarin. And if this poster is any indication, he's not someone to mess with. Wait until you see what's under his foot.

Empire revealed the new 'Iron Man 3' Mandarin poster today, which you can see below. And underneath that we have an uncropped look at the poster, which reveals two very interesting items the poster crops out.

On the right of the poster, we see Captain America's helmet with bullet holes and smoke coming out of it. And underneath Mandarin's foot? That's Tony Stark's Iron Man helmet. So what does this mean for our 'Avengers' superheroes?

[UPDATE: Our own Kevin Fitzpatrick points out that the helmet might not be Captain America's but a U.N. helmet, like those seen here.]

It could very well be that Mandarin is well aware of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and is just striking a pose to intimidate anyone who tries to stop him. Or, after blowing up Tony's mansion (as seen in the 'Iron Man 3' trailer), he's gotten his hand on some Iron Man armor as a souvenir.

Below you can take a look at both the official 'Iron Man 3' poster and the uncropped version. What do you think of Mandarin as the 'Iron Man 3' villain? Do you like the way he looks?