We’re just hours away from learning how Patrick J. Adams’ mystery DC hero will take us into Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, but those speculating the figure could be an early (and thus unrestricted) identity of Green Lantern are in for a blackest night. Not only do executive producers debunk the Alan Scott rumor, but Green Lantern remains off the table for TV outings.

Speaking with Comic Book Resources, executive producer Marc Guggenheim officially shot down rumors that Adams’ character could end up being Alan Scott, better known as the Golden Age Green Lantern:

I’ll tell you right now, because I never want anyone to be disappointed, he’s not Alan Scott. I love Alan Scott. I’ve written Alan Scott in the comics. Alan Scott is also attached to the Green Lantern franchise, which DC obviously has feature plans for. In the poll of ‘who it’s going to be,’ you can cross off Alan Scott.

We’ve even walked this path once before, as early Arrow Season 4 clues mercilessly teased Oliver’s presence in Coast City, known to DC fans as the hometown of Green Lantern’s best-known alter-ego, Hal Jordan. A figure bearing that name even briefly appeared, though Guggenheim made reasonably clear that an actual presence was off-limits.

That doesn’t seem to have stopped NBC’s DC comedy Powerless from name-dropping the emerald knight, but looks like we’re headed back to the drawing board. You know, until Legends of Tomorrow’s first season finale later on tonight.

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