The weird and wild tales of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow allow for all manner of DC heroes and villains too bold for Arrow or The Flash, and the series knows it. In addition to a variety of easter eggs cropping up around Rip Hunter’s timeship, the Legends social media has been teasing potentially appearances of everyone from Sgt. Rock to Ma Hunkle, and maybe even our first look at Jonah Hex.

Take these with a grain of salt for now, as Legends of Tomorrow may not be so apt as to shove a dinner pot on a woman’s head (more on that later), but the DC drama’s Instagram has been having a bit of fun teasing out DC heroes by their notable props. Jonah Hex is kind of an easy one (although you can check out a hint of Johnathon Schaech’s look below):

To the most recent tease of DC’s Sgt. Rock:

To Sandman’s gas mask:

Hourman‘s hourglass, after the character nearly got his own CW series:

And, uh … yeah.

Legends of Tomorrow might explore any of the above (for now, only Jonah Hex is confirmed), but has plenty other timey-wimey madness on its plate, including a trip to future Star City, one-armed Oliver and all.

In the meantime, check out the latest Legends of Tomorrow trailers below, and stay tuned.

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