The shared universe of Arrow and The Flash has spawned once again, now that The CW’s DC Legends of Tomorrow has dropped its first trailer. If you’re not content waiting until 2016 however, we combed through all the comic crevices for every easter egg and secret we could find by DC’s full Legends of Tomorrow sneak peek!

Keep in mind that The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow footage won’t entirely reflect the events and relationships of the series (official filming doesn’t begin until summer), but the presentation gave DC fans plenty to chew on. While we’re at it, beware Arrow Season 3 and The Flash spoilers, and see what we found!

Oliver Returns! Again!

Well hey, Oliver’s back, and in his smashing green tights to boot! Granted, Arrow Season 3 finale “My Name is Oliver Queen” saw Oliver thoroughly ditching his vigilante duds to hit the coast with Felicity, Season 4 will undoubtedly bring the character back before long. Question is, will Oliver finally take the “Green” Arrow mantle, and design a new costume to go with it?

Legenders, Assembled

Here we see the so-called team (give or take a few), including Professor Martin Stein (Victor Garber), Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renee, more on that in a bit), Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), The Atom (Brandon Routh), and White Canary (Caity Lotz). We’ll get into who’s missing in a bit.

Hawkgirl Takes Flight

Kendra Saunders represents the current incarnation of Hawkgirl, and here we get a first (albeit unclear) look at the character and her “past lives complex” in motion. The helmet shape below looks fairly accurate to the classic look, as do the wings, though a mace is hard to make out as of yet.

Canary Lives!

As predicted, Sara Lance returns to the fold by use of the Lazarus Pit, though who (or what) exhumed her from the grave and took the body to Nanda Parbat remains unclear. Oliver seemed entirely unphased to be addressing his past love (no word on any involvement from Katie Cassidy or Paul Blackthorne either), though for the moment, the footage is merely a functional teaser. Who might have needed Sara back so badly, other than the fans?

Vandal Savage, We Presume

“His name is Vandal Savage, and he’s been alive thousands of years. He is immortal, and commands the most powerful army the world has ever seen.” So says Oliver of the team’s biggest threat, and while the role has yet to be cast, we at least see a bit of the man’s army (and giant robot?).

The silhouette above might actually be Reverse Flash, as we’ll get into below. In the comics, Vandal Savage was a caveman granted eternal life and hyper-intelligence, menacing the world for millennia to come.

From Time Lords to Time Masters

Here’s our first look at Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter, identifying himself as an East London native and future time-traveler allied with the Time Masters, dedicated to “protecting history itself.” We also get a look at his time-traveling doo-dad below, albeit driven by someone else…

Why hello there, Reverse Flash! It certainly makes sense that Eobard Thawne would cause some timey-wimey shenanigans for the team, though we’ve also heard that The Flash finale might set up a few Legends of Tomorrow plot points. Could Rip Hunter arrive as early as next Tuesday, while Reverse Flash escapes long enough to borrow the time machine? That certainly looks like the particle accelerator in the background.

Vandal Savagery

That dastardly Vandal Savage, already messing up famous landmarks throwing proper lawn maintenance out of whack.

A New Firestorm?

Now, earlier shots of Firestorm seem to have reused footage of Robbie Amell, though the character’s presence here (as well as a daytime flying shot with Atom) seem to be original to the trailer. Given that Martin Stein mentions himself as “half a hero” with no mention of Ronnie Raymond, we’d wager that we’re looking at Stein fused with the Jay Jackson character, as portrayed by Franz Drameh. Just a theory, for now.

Giant Robots, Because Giant Robots

Also, Vandal Savage appears to have a giant robot. Aren’t superheroes fun, kids?

The Titular Line

Rip Hunter, giving the team a minor pep talk: “In the future, none of you are heroes. You’re legends.” He said the title thing! Avengers Legends assemble!

The Atom Lives Up to His Name

Finally, we see Martin Stein and Sara Lance throwing some serious Caity Lance sass, as the pair disbelieve Ray Palmer’s claims of shrinking to escape that giant explosion. Welp, better show em!

It could be some time before DC’s Legends of Tomorrow conjures forth any actual footage, but did the first trailer presentation deliver enough excitement for the Arrow and Flash spinoff? What other easter eggs did you spot among the Legends of Tomorrow?

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