Marvel just staked out release dates in 2016 and 2017 for as-yet-untitled films. The studio is nothing if not forward-thinking, so which Marvel characters do you think they are tackling next?

As we noted yesterday, Marvel has so many plates spinning at the moment that these two slots could be filled by just about anything: will it be another 'Iron Man' movie? Or perhaps a third adventure for either 'Captain America' or 'Thor'? Might 'Hulk' get another chance at a solo adventure? Could there already be a sequel to 'Guardians of the Galaxy' in the works? (Surely we can't completely rule out a follow-up to that film coming out two years later, in 2016.)

But we like to think that Marvel is already preparing new characters for the big screen. 'Blade' might be coming back for more, or it could be that the highly talked-about 'Doctor Strange' will finally get his shot. A 'Black Panther' movie has been rumored on and off for years, so that's certainly a possibility, as well.

Even though it's a little far off, we'd still like to know which characters you think are coming in 2016 and 2017, based on all the info that's circling the web. Vote in our poll below; if we've missed anyone, feel free to tell us about it in the comments.