While Marvel has a reputation for valuing continuity on both sides of the camera, it’s easy to forget that the first two phases of Marvel movies were essentially put together by hired guns. The early days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were populated by directors like Alan Taylor, Kenneth Branagh, Joe Johnston, and Shane Black, one-and-done filmmakers who were either not invited or not inclined to go a second round with the studio.

Times are changing, though. Not only has Marvel made a strong commitment to filmmakers like Anthony and Joe Russo  —  not to mention Guardians of the Galaxy’s James Gunn  —  they also seem open to pairing a particular superhero property with a director for the long haul. And that’s good news for Doctor Strange leading man Benedict Cumberbatch, who is now openly campaigning for director Scott Derrickson to be be brought back for the sequel. In an interview with Cinema Blend (via /Film), Cumberbatch talked about the challenges that Derrickson overcome during the production:

[Derrickson] was having to edit and approve special effects shots at the same time as setting up these huge sequences live and getting the camera and angles and performances and visuals right on the day. So he was double tasking in a pretty full on way and then he was, for someone who’s done stuff to do with the supernatural before but never, as he’d be the first to admit I’m sure, never quite on this scale. He had to do it all with great skill and the results are on the screen. So yeah I think this film speaks to why Scott would be a great choice to direct it again.

There’s no denying that Derrickson did a great job with the look and feel of the film, and his background as an impressive horror filmmaker means we’ve probably only scratched the surface of what the Doctor Strange movies are capable of visually. With Cumberbatch on board, there’s no reason for Marvel not to at least have a conversation with the director about returning for a second go. If Derrickson wants to step behind teh camera a second time —  and who knows, maybe he has other projects in mind  —  I can’t think of a single Marvel fan who wouldn’t welcome him back with open arms.

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