It had seemed especially cruel of Netflix to bail on Sense8 without some chance at goodbye, but fans were overjoyed to find their renewal efforts had actually earned the globe-trotting sci-fi drama another episode. Now, international cast and crew thank fans with an extensive new “birthday” video, offering a scant update in the process.

Seeing as all the “sensates” were themselves born on August 8, Netflix shared a new fifteen-minute address from creator Lana Wachowski, as well as numerous messages from cast and crew thanking fans for their dedication. Along the way, Brian J. Smith provides a teasing update of what happened to Wolfgang (Max Riemelt), while the video curiously closes with a message from co-writer David Mitchell:

And if you’ll now excuse me, we have a diabolical plot to foil by Friday evening.

As Lana herself outlines in the video, Netflix made the rare decision to revive Sense8 in May, despite already responding to numerous fan campaigns that they were unable to resuscitate the series for any further episodes. The initial cancellation came with a brief wave of Netflix ousters, as expensive series like Baz Luhrmann’s The Get Down were also given less leniency than prior Netflix renewals.

The two-hour final episode is still currently expected to premiere in 2018, leaving it unclear when production will officially resume. Watch the full video above, and stay tuned for more on Sense8’s future in the meantime.

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