Netflix’s Sense8 saying a premature goodbye hurts, but the streaming service decision to grant a finale certainly helps. Before we learn the sensates’ fate in 2018, check out a new clip previewing the cast’s farewell, which may or may not reveal a surprising twist.

Seeing as Season 2 ended with Max Riemelt’s Wolfgang facing a semi-uncertain fate, it was only fitting that the actor introduce our first sneak-peek of the finale. We don’t see any actual footage from the as-yet-undated 2018 special, though his presence among the cast would seem to suggest that the cluster isn’t missing any members.

Also worth noting; Lana Wachowski is prevalent during the footage, but not Lilly Wachowski, who stepped away during the show’s second season. At the very least, we know that Netflix issued the renewal (of sorts) in response to numerous fan campaigns many of which were centered around the show’s Brazilian fanbase.

We’ll likely find an actual trailer and premiere date in 2018, so stay tuned for the latest.

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