The Simpsons caused something of a panic in recent weeks as rumors suggesting Homer and Marge’s marital troubles in the upcoming Season 27 premiere might prove permanent, and now the couple in question is here to set the record straight. Homer and Marge will stay together forever, which is more than the pair have to say for CNN in a new video address.

“The story was first reported on CNN,” relays Marge in the video drafted to address recent rumors of the couple’s separation. “Then, real news started reporting it all over world!” The pair reaffirm their love for one another through several past calamities, lightly bickering all the while, though insisting forgiveness will be found. For good measure, someone even takes Cupid’s arrow through the eye.

The clever response follows repeat denials from executive producer Al Jean, who initially told Variety of Season 27 premiere “Every Man’s Dream” that Homer and Marge would legally separate, something many fans erroneously took to imply a more permanent divorce. The episode in question sees Homer’s narcolepsy putting a strain on the marriage, the resulting “separation” of which lands Homer in the sights of his pharmacist Candace (Girls star Lena Dunham).

Now that Homer and Marge’s marriage remains firmly intact, we know elsewhere of The Simpsons Season 27 (with 28 already confirmed) that Ghostbusters and SNL star Kate McKinnon will lend her voice as a homeless woman Lisa befriends, while Dunham’s Girls castmates will join her for the premiere. Another episode will parody Boyhood through Bart’s upbringing, while the “Treehouse of Horror” special will finally allow Sideshow Bob (Kelsey Grammer) to achieve his life’s purpose of killing the boy.

No word yet on any updates with Harry Shearer, but does The Simpsons‘ new video firmly put concerns of Homer and Marge to bed?

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