After nearly 40 years, nine directors, and eight films (with three more on the way), not one Star Wars movie has been directed by a woman. Will that change any time soon?

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy recently addressed the topic, saying female directors need to have experience making a blockbuster before they can join the Star Wars universe. Yet the story hasn’t been the same for male directors across the industry. Filmmakers like Colin Trevorrow, Josh Trank, Taika Waititi, Jon Watts, and even Rogue One’s Gareth Edwards have been given the chance to helm big budget projects after directing indie films. So why aren’t the same opportunities given to women?

In a new episode of Long Takes, ScreenCrush editors Erin Whitney and Britt Hayes are joined by Angie Han of /Film to discuss the industry-wide gender equality issue, and why a woman director has yet to enter the galaxy far far away. They address Kennedy’s recent comments and suggest a handful of capable women Lucasfilm should consider hiring to helm a Star Wars film.

Check out the episode above on YouTube and subscribe on iTunes for new episodes every other Monday. Long Takes features Erin, Britt, and guest writers and critics discussing controversial topics relating to film and TV and diversity on and off screen. Check out our previous episode on Asian representation in Hollywood, in which Erin, Britt, and Shirley Li of Entertainment Weekly discuss the recent incidents of whitewashing and how Hollywood can improve Asian visibility:

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