The notion of a live-action Star Wars TV series is something of a perpetual-motion machine, spinning in circles year after year. Granted, the same was once true of a seventh Star Wars film, but strap yourselves in: that most recent rumor of a live-action Star Wars TV series might have mutated into a trio of new Netflix shows.

Take this one with a far galaxy of salt, as it’s difficult to pin down the veracity of any of Cinelinx’s Star Wars suggestions in recent months, though the latest is at least worth considering. Rather than heading to ABC as originally rumored, the new plan is reportedly to emulate the success of the Marvel Netflix series, developing as many as three potential Star Wars live-action series for the streaming platform.

As with the original suggestion, said TV series could potentially shoot at the same U.K. Pinewood studios of the films, lowering costs by reusing certain sets, and keeping the majority of production in-house between cinematic chapters. There’s no exact sense of when Lucasfilm would officially get the ball rolling, though with a release date, directors and subject set for a second Anthology film, a more solid schedule has enabled Disney to investigate its TV options further.

Again, it’s near-impossible to determine any legitimacy to Disney’s purported Star Wars TV plans, though we can at least acknowledge that a Netflix launch might prove more forward-thinking than an ABC series. Three seems a bit over-the-top, but should Star Wars come to TV (or whatever we’re calling it), would Netflix be the way to go?

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