You’d be forgiven to wonder who from the Netflix Marvel casts hasn’t been confirmed for The Defenders at this point, but Daredevil’s Elodie Yung at least remained a question, given the state we last saw Elektra in. Well, someone had a Hand in bringing her back, as The Defenders will officially be Elektra-fied.

The Defenders confirmed as much over Twitter, noting along with the announcement “the strong survive.” Yung’s return was somewhat expected, given – spoiler alert – Elektra’s demise and likely-impending resurrection by The Hand, who have long been announced as a major component of The Defenders.

In addition to the return of supporting cast outlined above, Sigourney Weaver has signed on as the main, as-yet-unidentified villain. There’s still at least a few potential returns to await, but how might Elektra’s The Defenders return come to pass?

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