It’s been some time since The Flash producers cryptically suggested that Season 3 would take us to the famed Gorilla City of DC lore, and we’re not ones to keep a malevolent ape waiting. Reports confirm that Season 3 will bring back Grodd at some point in 2017, but how?

Grodd voice actor David Sobolov (who also voices Drax in the animated Guardians of the Galaxy) confirmed over Twitter that Grodd’s return was imminent, albeit without clarifying when we’d see the character again. Season 3 has made passing reference to Grodd, though the character was last seen deposited on another Earth, with its own society of talking apes.

It was back in August that Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg reportedly claimed that Season 3 would take a two-episode trip to Gorilla City, though it remains unclear if Sobolov’s return coincides with that promise. Spoilery set photos in recent weeks have been reported to involve Grodd, though no direct evidence of a trip to another Earth was observed.

Elsewhere, the back half of Season 3 will pick up on January 24 with “Borrowing Problems From the Future,” which will begin to address Savitar’s mysterious prophecies from winter finale “The Present.” The Flash will also take part in a two-part musical crossover with Supergirl at an undetermined point.

Grodd and more lie ahead when The Flash resumes Season 3 on January 24, so stay tuned for the latest as we breach the new year.

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