Don't worry, Rosie Larsen's murder has still been solved.  But where previously it had been all but certain AMC's controversial murder-mystery drama 'The Killing' wouldn't live to see a third season, a new agreement with Netflix could pave the way for Detectives Holder and Linden to return to the Seattle crime beat for another go.  So, who would get first crack at the new season, AMC or Netflix?

Nothing will ever undo the injustice felt by fans of AMC's 'The Killing,' when first season finale "Orpheus Descending" failed to resolve the central mystery teased throughout the run.  However those upset by AMC's decision to pass on a third season may yet have reason to celebrate as Deadline has confirmed that AMC is near to a deal with Netflix to revive the Mireille Enos/Joel Kinnaman crime drama for an additional season.

Should a new deal come to fruition for 'The Killing' season 3, AMC would likely first air the episodes before their subsequent availability on Netflix.  The prospect of a third season produced entirely through Netflix had earlier been bandied about, but the convenience of its breakout stars on retainer and upcoming holes in AMC's schedule left by 'Breaking Bad' and (eventually) 'Mad Men' prompted the cable network to re-enter negotations, now sharing costs with Netflix.

Adapted from Danish drama 'Forbryselden,' AMC's 'The Killing' debuted strongly in 2011, though its reputation scarcely survived the critical backlash of its first season finale, leaving a second season to markedly decrease in ratings.  Evidently, a strong season 3 pitch from series developer and executive producer Veena Sud convinced AMC to consider the drama again.

No deal has yet been locked down, but what say you?  Would you be happy to have another season of Holder and Linden solving 'The Killing?'