A little preview of the 'Thor 2' gag reel popped up online last week, but today we have a look at the entire thing, and it features a lot of screwed up lines, funny faces, slaps to the faces and falling down. Standard for any good gag reel but when you see men in capes doing it, it somehow seems funnier. God of Thunder? More like, God of Blunder amiright??

Like the 'Captain America 2' preview we posted earlier today, this Asgardian gag reel comes from the 'Thor: The Dark World' DVD and Blu-ray set. That doesn't hit stores until February 25, but the 'Thor 2' gag reel is available online now for your viewing pleasure.

In addition to the gag reel and the 'Captain America 2' preview, the 'Thor 2' DVD also includes the new Marvel One-Shot "All Hail the King" featuring the return of Ben Kingsley, six new deleted scenes and an audio commentary. It will also include the very 'Guardians of the Galaxy' themed post-credits scene that includes your first look at Benicio Del Toro as The Collector.

If you're a big Marvel fan, you'll probably want to check out the 'Thor 2' DVD and Blu-ray when it arrives, but for now, you can just satisfy yourself by watching Thor break Mjolnir in half by accident.