It could be a while yet before we here anything concrete on the seventh and final season of HBO's fangbanging hit 'True Blood,' but senioritis certainly isn't setting in among the cast. In addition to his series regular role, Stephen Moyer will once again step behind the camera to helm the seventh season premiere for summer 2014.

TVLine learned the first early tidbit of the final season, which will once again unfold over 10 summer episodes, down from the usual 12 of the series. Where initially, 'True Blood' season 6 contained 10 episodes to accommodate series star Anna Paquin's pregnancy with Moyer, the seventh has been kept at 10 episodes for budgetary reasons.

Moyer had also previously directed episodes across the fifth and sixth seasons, while season 7 will enter into production in January for a likely June debut. Moyer himself will soon pop up in another unusual locale, singing lead in NBC's live upcoming 'The Sound of Music' broadcast with Carrie Underwood, Moyer taking the role of Georg Von Trapp.

Elsewhere, we know of ‘True Blood’ season 7 that Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), will indeed return, despite a fiery end teased in the season 6 finale. Storytelling will shrink to see more direct human-vampire relationships in light of the Hepatitis V threat, while more details and series regular ascensions have been outlined in our guide to 'True Blood''s final season.

Well, what say you? Are you looking forward to 'True Blood' season 7 any more now that Stephen Moyer will at least helm the premiere? What do you hope to see for our final year in Bon Temps?