True Blood’ season 5 goes to ground with its fourth episode of the year, as Sookie ends up plagued by sorrows at every turn and looking to turn herself in for the murder of Debbie Pelt, while Bill and Eric begin their search for Russell Edgington, the Vampire Authority sniffs out a traitor, and Jason and Andy find a mysterious new club that might not be what it seems.

Last week’s ‘True Blood’ episode “Whatever I Am, You Made Me” saw Sookie and Lafayette trying to track down the missing Tara while fending off people’s questions, while Bill and Eric shared private meetings with Salome, and Pam remembered more of her previous life, so what will the latest episode of ‘True Blood’ bring?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘True Blood’ season 5 episode 4 “We'll Meet Again!”

Of course, it’s not like anyone would be surprised to see it, but Pam speeds in to rescue Tara from her fiery tanning bed fate.  When Tara insists on ending her life, Pam uses her maker magic to command Tara not to do it.  Across town, Alcide drives off leaving a concerned Sookie, when Lafayette criticizes her for blabbing about what they did to Debbie, insisting she’s the angel of death!

After Bill and Eric get dropped off to begin their search, Salome and Roman observe Nora being tortured, proposing that Salome could be the one to get her to talk about her role in the Sanguinista movement.  Meanwhile, Sookie bursts into Jason’s house looking to turn herself in for the murder of Debbie Pelt (spilling what happened to Tara as well), though Jason insists they’ll think of something that won’t involve turning in his own sister.  Oh, and Jessica’s there too!  Wonder what they were up to…

Pam returns to Fangtasia with Tara to find Bill and Eric there, waiting to question her on Russell Edgington’s re-appearance.  While Bill comforts Tara on her new-found condition, Eric violently threatens Pam, who insists she would never turn Russell loose.  With all the discord between them lately, Pam taunts Eric to release her as his progeny, and be done with it.  Satisfied, Eric and Bill go to ground while the Council observes their location via remote, and sneer.

The next day, Judge Clemens pays a visit to the station inviting Jason and Andy out to an exclusive club that night, while Sam finds he has visitors of his own at Merlotte’s: his shifter friends, looking to return him to their pack.  Sookie soon finds her own troubles as well, with near of the entire town silently judging her for what happened to Tara.  Outside, Lafayette sees Sookie’s car, and finds himself possessed, turning into his demon form, chanting, and levitating the car by pure will alone!

Alcide pays a final visit to Debbie’s parents Barbara and Gordon (heh), to explain the truth of what happened to Debbie.  Except, the “truth” he tells is that Marcus Bozeman was the one to kill her!  Protecting Sookie will only help for so long however, as during her drive home, the car becomes possessed and drives itself full-speed into a tree, after she barely manages to bail out.

Speaking of the open road however, Terry drives with Patrick and finally flashes back to the truth of what happened out in Iraq.  One night in a small village, the majority of the group got drunk and high, observing local fireworks, when a nearby villager emerged to scream at them.  The Private Eller they’re currently on the road to find shot the man, drawing the attention of the rest of the villagers, and eventually starting a firefight with a local insurgent!  When the dust settled, all of the village lay dead in the middle of the square.

While Sookie arrives home and prepares to get rip-roaring drunk all by her lonesome, Jason and Andy prepare for their night out.  Andy still finds it suspicious that the Pelts would leave town and drop the investigation into their daughter, but rather than Jason worry about what it might mean for his sister, Jessica shows up to glamor Andy into forgetting all about the matter.  Andy, Jason and the Judge then enter the limo full of beautiful women to go to the new club, but not without bags on their heads to obscure the road there.

Over at Fangtasia, Pam watches Tara sleep as Eric comes down to apologize for what’s come between them, and remind her that they share a strong bond no matter what.  Still, as the business with Russell will likely lead to his death either way, Eric releases Pam from being under the dominion of her maker, and tells her to take care of her own progeny.  Meanwhile, Roman and Salome visit Norah to extract a final confession, but on threat of Eric and Bill’s lives, she agrees to root out her fellow traitors in the Sanguinistas.

The Judge, Andy and Jason are led out to an empty field, wherein the girls reveal themselves as fairies by using their magic to open a mysterious door in the middle of nowhere.  The interior or the location is revealed as an exotic looking club with dances everywhere, and hapless men, as even Andy finds himself enraptured by the fairy woman he shared a midnight encounter with last season.  Back in the real world, Sookie keeps drinking the night away, and shrugging off concerned phone calls from Lafayette when Alcide shows up to explain that he threw the Pelts off her scent.

Terry and Patrick come across Eller’s barn, investigating into a hidden chamber beneath, full of crazy writing and drawings of fire, when the man himself suddenly appears behind them.  Eller’s not the only one having fun with guns of course, as Sam arrives to find his shifter friends shot through the head!  Back at Fangtasia, Pam wakes Tara, and instructs her to feed off a willing girl, and when Tara protests the idea, Pam commands her, coaxing her through the ins and outs of her new-found vampire strength.

Back at a gathering of the authority, Roman ruminates on the authenticity of that ominous stake we’ve seen him to have, supposedly made from the tree Judas Iscariot hung himself from, and tipped with the silver from his betrayal.  Two guards enter bringing evidence of Nora’s word, that there is indeed another traitor on the council!  Who, perhaps, but young Alexander, who secretly makes videos of himself drinking humans and sending them out to known enemies with the coded message “sympathy and solidarity?”  Pop goes the blood bag, as Roman stakes him then and there, and reminds everyone else to fall in line.

Back at Sookie’s drinks more than quickly delves into Alcide and her making out, which Bill witnesses from afar having followed Jessica’s earlier advice to check up on her.  Eric appears as well, and the two muse that they might use Sookie in tracking down Russell Edgington, with her consent or without

Back at the fairy party, Jason realizes that their hosts can read his mind, and even runs into his cousin Hadley!  Not having known that Sookie was alive, Hadley informs Jason that she’s there as a refugee from a world dominated by vampires, as he should be too, given that vampires killed his parents!  Wait, what?  Having said too much, Hadley retreats, and in his effort to chase her, Jason gets both he and Andy kicked out of the club into the empty field, where two fairy men turn their light powers on them!

We're increasingly feeling like the stories this year have less and less to do with one another, what with Terry and Patrick out on the road, Sam finding his friends dead, and Andy and Jason discovering a fairy club, so hopefully within the next few episodes the threads will start coming together.  Who knows, maybe we'll get a taste of things to come at this year's Comic-Con 2012!

Did you get your fill of fang-banging ‘True Blood’ action?  What did you think about the episode? Join us next week for an all-new episode recap of ‘True Blood’ season 5 episode “Let's Boot and Rally” on HBO!