Alright then.  Well, if 'True Blood's fifth season had to leave behind the "Waiting Sucks" tagline eventually, at least they've chosen a unique new direction for themselves.  After all, with all the campy vampirism the series offers, why not go all out and turn the show into a comedy?

The latest look at 'True Blood' season 5 from HBO doesn't offer anything in the way of new footage, or even really any sexy teasers to get blood pumping for the June 10 premiere, but who's up for a few laughs?  After all, even vampires can make mistakes, subject to all the same petty jealousies and boredoms of us petty humans.

And while the latest promo plays more like a cutesy montage of relationship squabbles rather than offer up any fresh footage, at least the presence of King Russell Edgington in season 3 footage seems to confirm that Denis O'Hare will return to menace the town of Bon Temps once more.  Wouldn't so much count on Talbot, given how he went all explodey-pants after Eric Northman impaled him...twice.

So make what you will of the latest 'True Blood' teaser below, and tell us in the comments if HBO's effort to turn the vampire series into a romantic comedy gets your blood pumping for the true premiere on Sunday, June 10!