As we head into the weekend and toward 'Game of Thrones'' final run of episodes before the break, even more 'True Blood' teasers are going to start coming out of the Bon Temps woodwork in anticipation of the show's June 10 premiere. Still, with 'True Blood' a little more pulp-y than something as dignified as 'Game of Thrones,' there are a lot more twists and turns to catch by pouring over the latest season 5 trailer!

'True Blood' will premiere on Sunday June 10, and as much as waiting sucks, we've had photos, trailers, episode descriptions, and even tears to quench our thirst. This latest teaser from the show is brief, however sexy and action-packed compared with its longer trailer, but once again offers up a few tidbits to chew on in the meantime.

While those reading should beware spoilers, when last we left ‘True Blood’ at the end of season 4′s “And When I Die,” a number of mysteries were still afoot. Who set loose Russell Edgington from his concrete tomb? Who’s going to clean Tara’s brains off the wall? And who sired Steve Newlin? The trailer answers absolutely none of those questions (damn you HBO), but still boils the blood.

Having seen that, we have a few questions of our own...

  • We'd presume that Sookie is burying Tara or Debbie, but whose grave might Jason be presiding over?  Certainly Tara wouldn't have her own plot that quickly, especially considering the hand seen rising out of the earth couldn't be hers... (0:02 seconds)
  • Well, that seems to put the Alcide/Sookie hook-up questions to bed rather quickly (and literally).  (0:06 seconds)
  • Um... who would LaFayette be staking? It couldn't be... Tara... right?  (0:09 seconds)
  • Who are the new chicks that both Bill and Eric seem to be embracing?  (0:15 seconds)

Did we miss anything? Watch it again, and tell us what else you spotted! Be sure to watch the fifth season premiere of 'True Blood' on Sunday, June 10!