Phew!  We're not sure what 'True Blood' was trying to accomplish with that bizarre "Mistakes Vampires Make" promo other than to add to its own camp, but it's a relief to know that one of the newest sneak peeks from the upcoming fifth season teases what might be the most interesting storyline of all!

Given all the cliffhangers that ran rampant through out 'True Blood's fourth season finale "And When I Die, from - SPOILER ALERT - newly sired Steve Newlin's appearance at Jason Stackhouse's home, Bill and Eric launching a vampire coup, Tara's death and the escape of King Russell Edgington, at least one thread slipped by relatively unnoticed.  We're talking, of course, about the appearance of Scott Foley as Terry Bellefleur's former commanding officer Patrick Devins, a role that extends into the fifth season!

The last behind-the-scenes look from 'True Blood's' fifth season didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know, with Alcide relating to Sookie news of Russell's escape, but the newest clip between Terry, Patrick (Foley) and a panicked man named "Eller" definitely gets our blood pumping for the latest developments.  With all three men seemingly sharing a military background, might the human side of Bon Temps be looking to start some kind of resistance against the supernatural?  It certainly seems so, given Eller's paranoia for anything that might have followed the men there!

We'll get our answers when 'True Blood' premieres its fifth season on Sunday, June 10, but in the meantime watch the clip below, and keep checking back for all the latest news to tide you over during this sucky wait!