Sadly, 'Veep's second season won't be debuting along with its previous Sunday companion 'Girls (returning January 13), but rest assured that a new season of Selina Meyer's increasingly embarassing stint as the titular 'Veep' is on the way. To that end, what does Emmy-winning star Julia Louis-Dreyfus have to say about where the second season will take her character? And what unlikely commentary does the show make about the recent 'Homeland' season finale?

Though we'll have to wait a few months for the second season of the Emmy-winning 'Veep,' expect the scope to be even bigger than the second-most powerful position in the world. 'Veep' star Julia Louis-Dreyfus recently spoke to TVGuide about the coming season, teasing that "We have a lot of international storylines," reported from filming on an actual military base. "We are going to be traveling outside the United States and things are not going to go well."

Dreyfus also jokingly pointed out how little - SPOILER ALERT - the fellow Vice President of Showtime's 'Homeland' Bill Walden's death seemed to affect others, saying "It was very disturbing to me when their vice president died and the other characters moved on rather quickly to other matters. There wasn't exactly a long grieving period before Brody and Carrie started getting it on." Somehow, we'd miss Selina Meyers much more.

Elsewhere, the second season of the HBO comedy will feature guest turns from Gary Cole as Karl Rove-type figure “Kent,” along with former ‘Luck’ star Kevin Dunn as the President’s chief of staff Ben.

What do you want to see when 'Veep' returns for a second season? Will it be as good as the first?