Westworld Season 2 may not play the same tricks, but new photos have us scratching our heads all the same. See some surprising character returns (and even a few fresh faces) in new photos from the long-awaited 2018 return, and get your conspiracy boards ready.

Ahead of the sci-fi drama’s April 22 return, HBO shared eleven new images from Westworld Season 2. All your faves are there, including Dolores, Teddy, the elder William, Bernarnold, Maeve, Hector and even the long-lost Ashley Stubbs. We also see a few newbies like Vikings star Gustaf Skarsgård (Floki!), Tyrant alum Fares Fares and more, but there’s at least a few suspicious items. Note Talulah Riley’s Angela all cleaned up and seemingly outside the park (perhaps a flashback?) as well that Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard is both following Stubbs’ group in the desert, and then back in the lab with Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson). Different episodes, or dual Bernards, perhaps?

Elsewhere of Westworld Season 2, the April 22 “Journey Into Night” is expected to answer practical questions about the park, potentially even a date for the show’s setting. Ed Harris will be playing Season 2 on “extreme mode,” as will his younger self and former friend, while Talulah Riley and Louis Herthum have been upped to series regular. We’ll also finally get answers on the mysterious “SW” park. Other new additions include Leftovers alum Katja Herbers, Neil Jackson and American Gods star Jonathan Tucker, Zahn McClarnon, Betty Gabriel and LOST star Hiroyuki Sanada.

We’ll likely see more soon, so watch the trailer below and stay tuned for the latest on Westworld Season 2.

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