Wet Hot American Summer sequel series Ten Years Later fulfilled the promise of the 2001 film; calling into question a third Netflix season. Producers have left that open-ended, but it seems Wet Hot American Summer will at least return in comic form from the writers of Gwenpool later this year.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Boom! Studios has confirmed that Gwenpool writer Christopher Hastings and artist Noah Hayes will resurrect Wet Hot American Summer with a new graphic novel hitting shelves in November. The story will take place between Netflix prequel series First Day of Camp and the events of the 2001 film (set on the last day of camp), with a synopsis that reads thusly:

The graphic novel sees Beth have to deal with a surprise camp inspection by the police after just one week as camp director, leaving her 24 hours to rally Coop, Katie, Andy, Susie, Gene, Nancy, Victor, Ben, McKinley, J.J., Gary, Gail, and the rest of the fan-favorite crew to clean up their act, or close down the camp for good.

The comic continuation was announced in August of 2017, though writer Hastings now adds:

This is such a wonderful and unexpected crossing of my comedy nerdom, and my standard issue comic book nerdom, and I think it will be for readers as well. I’ve watched the movie more times than I can count, and I also happen to be a comic book writer who for the life of me, cannot write a somber story. I’ve been looking out for new character interactions that we haven’t seen before, new things to do with spoofing camp movie culture, and I’m also bringing a lot to this from my own time working as a teen camp counselor. I cannot wait for Wet Hot fans to get to read this graphic novel.

Otherwise, co-creator and star Michael Showalter has suggested another Wet Hot American Summer season might revisit the characters at closer ages to the actual actors, so stay tuned for more on the franchise’s future.

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