Earlier this week we broke the news that a major DC player would make his presence known in 'Arrow' season 2, but it seems another DC big bad has been confirmed as well. The catch? We've already met him! Season 1 villain Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) may yet return when 'Arrow' season 2 kicks off its sophomore season on October 9, but what about that little hiccup we know to be in place following 'Arrow''s first season finale "Sacrifice"?

Though Barrowman essentially revealed his 'Arrow' season 2 return by appearing on the Comic-Con 2013 panel, TVLine has officially confirmed that Barrowman's Malcolm Merlyn will appear in at least two episodes of the coming season. That said, it remains to be seen if Merlyn will appear in flashbacks, hallucinations (Ra's Al Ghul, anyone?), dreams, or potentially having survived his mortal arrow wounds at the end of the first season.

The initial Comic-Con reveal as well as questions from the first season finale saw producers respond to Merlyn's potential return with veiled suggestions that flashbacks would be more likely to resurrect the character, so that would be our guess why Barrowman has returned to menace Starling City once more. Only a guess, mind you.

In addition to introducing Grant Gustin’s Flash alongside references to Metamorpho and The Atom, ‘Arrow’ season 2 will pick up on October 9 some time after the events of the season 1 finale, continuing its ‘Batman Begins’-influenced storytelling with the addition of new villains Dr. Anthony Ivo (Dylan Neal), Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau), Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Amanda Waller (‘SpartacusCynthia Addai-Robinson), Brother Blood (Kevin Alejandro), League of Assassins member Al-Owal (‘Homeland”s Navid Negahban) and DC character Sin (‘The Killing”s Bex Taylor Klaus).

Season 1 stars Colton Haynes (Roy Harper), Manu Bennett (Slade Wilson) and Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak) have also been upgraded to series regulars for the second season.

Well, what say you? Are you excited to have John Barrowman return as Malcolm Merlyn for 'Arrow' season 2? Under what circumstances do you think we'll see the character again? Check out the latest trailer below, and give us your predictions for the October 9 premiere "City of Heroes" in the comments!

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