The Flash couldn’t wait to speed out its first Season 3 footage, but the smash DC drama certainly slowed things down at Comic-Con 2016. In addition to some major additions and crossover tease, what major details did the superhero cast reveal from San Diego? Our full panel report!

Here’s what we learned from the truncated (hey, there’s a lot of DC shows to go around!) panel:

  • You’ve seen the footage from yourself, but it’s certainly worth pointing out that despite his new Legends of Tomorrow position, Matt Letscher will be back as Reverse-Flash, apparently a captive of Barry’s in the new reality. Other highlights included Kid Flash vs. our unnamed demon speedster (Todd Lasance), rich Cisco (we’d guess the Harrison Wells to Wally West in this reality), a first look at Doctor Alchemy, and Barry and Iris reconnecting.
  • No name for the demon speedster yet, but he’s one of two big bads, with Doctor Alchemy being voiced by Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell. Casting is still underway for the character under the mask (or is it?)
  • Arrow star Emily Bett Rickards will appear in 302 this season to offer Barry advice. Curiusly, it seems that Flashpoint may have affected Diggle somehow, while we may see additional changes along the fringe in Arrow this year, after all.
  • Tom Felton couldn’t say much of his character Julian (he joked that his last trip to Comic-Con also feature a lightning insignia), but promised “any character I play you should see as a threat.”
  • Said Carlos Valdes of Cisco’s big change, "Cisco is this ostentatious billionaire. Yeah, he flossy … egitimately, that's all his arc, flexing his money and how rich he is. That's pretty much his best qualities as a person."
  • Barry and Iris will find each other eventually, as they would in any timeline.

Elsewhere of The Flash Season 3, we know Harry Potter star Tom Felton has signed on as a series regular, while Tom Cavanagh has confirmed his return as a Season 3 regular (as what character remains to be seen), along with Violett Beane as his daughter Jesse. John Wesley Shipp will also return as the Earth-3 Jay Garrick, whose identity was confirmed in the second season finale as the mysterious man in the iron mask, while Kevin Smith will direct the seventh hour.

We’ll have more from Season 3 of The Flash soon, but what do we make of everything gleamed at Comic-Con 2016?

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