We've been around long enough to know that talks of a TV revival after a cancellation are unpredictable, but when it comes to NBC's 'Community,' it looks as if Hulu won't be the "Six Seasons and a Movie" savior we all hoped. The network officially passed on reviving the Greendale Gang for a sixth season, but is there still any hope for 'Community' in the end?

According to TVLine sources, Hulu officially abandoned talks of reviving the series for an additional season, marking an especially dire omen as Hulu's syndication deal made it one of the few viable sources for renewal. That said, Sony Pictures TV still has until June 30 to find another home, after which the actors' deals will all expire, and 'Community' will officially shut down for good.

If nothing else, the source claimed to hold out at least some hope for the future, intimating another possible buyer in the mix:

Sony does not give up easily. A lot can happen in one week.

We even heard series creator Dan Harmon himself pessimistically weighing in on the possibility of future 'Community,' though experience taught us to never doubt the potential for the Greendale gang to make an unexpected return. What do you think? Is it time to let go of 'Community' for good?