We see a lot of adorable cosplayers on our quest to bring you the Cosplay of the Day, and this young lady is no exception with her no-nonsense take on one of cinema's greatest heroes: Han Solo of 'Star Wars.'

DeviantArt user Chelsea Bloxsom is super cute and incredibly talented. Not only does she make her own cosplay outfits, she also creates little plush dolls and furry headwear. But our focus is drawn strictly to her love of 'Star Wars' and her pretty awesome Han Solo cosplay.

Who says girls can't dress up like boy characters? The great thing about cosplay is that you don't need to stick with your own gender to make it work, and some of the best cosplay we've seen around the 'net features men and women dressing up as characters of the opposite gender. Chelsea's take on Han Solo is pretty legit, but her incorporation of a stuffed Chewbacca strapped to her back really seals the deal here. It's just too damn adorable.

But aside from just being cute, Chelsea seems like an awesome lady in general. Rather than do a scantily clad version of Han Solo, she takes the traditional approach.

You can check out Chelsea's cosplay below, and as a bonus we've included the precious Ewok hood she made for all you Endor-lovers out there. And if you're into Chelsea's designs, be sure to check out her Etsy store for more.

Chelsea Bloxsom
Chelsea Bloxsom

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