Not long ago, Marvel Studios and Disney announced two untitled superhero movies will be hitting theaters in 2016 and 2017, respectively, as part of their post-'Avengers 2' lineup for Phase 3. Although, no other information was released at the time, 'Doctor Strange' seemed like a viable choice for one of those slots, based on previous statements from Marvel reps. Now, more than ever, it looks like that will indeed be the case.

Funny enough, the first info on Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' movie is not which actor will be portraying the magic-wielding doctor himself, but rather the identities of the big baddies. Minding SPOILERS ahead, Latino-Review dropped this "100% confirmed" scoop that our new hero will have not one, but three villains to face.

First up is Doctor Strange's "most terrible foe," Dormammu, one of the most powerful beings in this mystical universe. Those of you who've seen the 'Doctor Strange' animated movie, 'The Sorcerer Supreme,' will recognize this name as the evil entity who broke free from his extra-dimensional environment through children's dreams. Joining him will be Karl Mordo, another big Strange adversary who will be taking a supporting role in the film. And last but not least are the extra-dimensional creatures known as the Giant Mindless Ones. As their name suggests, these beings have no will of their own, but rather perform the bidding of those who summon them. They are linked with Dormammu, having nearly taken over his home dimension before ultimately caged within a magical barrier.

Hopefully we'll learn more about 'Doctor Strange' come next month when Comic-Con 2013 is in full swing. As far as the title role goes, Justin Theroux was one name rumored for the part, though we'll have to wait a see whether he made any further headway in scoring the gig.

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